Privacy statement

Privacy statement
Release date 30/8/2019

This customer register of Lento Consulting Oy is maintained by Lento Consulting Oy, Business ID 2946768-3, Alapappilantie 122, 54100 LAPPEENRANTA.

If you have any questions to the administrator, please contact Caro Pohjola, tel. +358 45 787 35582, [email protected]

Lento Consulting has a customer register in order to enable contact to those who have requested to contact us, if necessary. Usually it is about an existing customer relationship or collaboration pattern or planning for future collaboration patterns.

The register contains the following personal data: first name, last name, company name, email address. The information is obtained through the contact form on the website.

Personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Personal information may be added to the Lento Consulting newsletter program and to Microsoft-hosted cloud services, which may be located outside the EU. These before mentioned services are committed to complying with the EU Privacy Regulation by signing the Privacy Shield Agreement.

Lento Consulting maintains a customer register on its computer and mobile phone, both of which are password protected. The web pages are hosted on a domestic server (operated by Zoner) and Zoner takes security seriously.

Any person added into the customer register shall have the right to see the personal data entered in the register. You can also change the information and request removal by emailing [email protected]